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Estimation Services

At SME Mechanical, we pride ourselves on detailed and accurate estimates.

With the collaborative culture we’ve created at SME Mechanical, we’re able to ensure that our engineers, project managers, estimators and field staff work together to create the best solution for each project. Accurate estimates are provided early in the planning process, yet we remain flexible to work with you as project needs change.

Our experienced estimating department uses the latest estimating software and material pricing services that allow us to provide accurate estimates, budgets and timelines. To create our estimates, we utilize an integrated project delivery system called Building Information Modeling, or BIM. We start with the basics — an interactive three-dimensional drawing of a project. But then we go further.

We include a model that incorporates the dimension of time to compose a precise construction schedule. Then, we create a model that incorporates cost for the necessary labor and supplies. Together, these aspects can be used to predict cash flow needs. Finally, SME Mechanical uses BIM to address long-term building management needs.

We would enjoy talking to you about your project needs and developing an estimate.

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Estimation Services

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