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Design+Build Engineering

SME Mechanical provides a complete mechanical package to successfully meet the needs of today’s complex HVAC system designs.

Our project managers have extensive experience and training managing projects with cost-effective strategies. Their advanced technical know-how ensures budgets are met and long-term system obligations are achieved.

We plan ongoing maintenance to provide maximum efficiency – and comfort – throughout the life of your custom system.

In addition to the mechanical system, SME Mechanical knows the value of our customer relationships. You will find our company embodies the spirit of service, professionalism and mechanical aptitude. We invite you to find out why.

Our design+build engineering services for HVAC mechanical and piping include:

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Detailed estimates
  • Building energy analysis
  • Code review
  • AutoCAD drawings produced in-house
  • HVAC systems and analysis
  • Process piping systems
  • Sanitary waste systems

Below are a few examples of design+build engineering projects from our growing list of clients. Contact us to learn how we can assist with your project needs »

Barton Solvents

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a new 37,500 square foot flammable storage/mixing/filling facility.

Big Barn Harley-Davidson

Big Barn Harley-Davidson

Des Moines, Iowa

This project involved the design+build of a new 34,000 square foot specialty retail space. Design was to encompass the look of a rustic Iowa barn with the latest features of modern ventilation. A variable-air-volume (VAV) system was sized and zoned for sales area, parts and services counter and the company’s office space.

We were challenged to produce ductwork to match the aged galvanized ductwork already in place. After experimenting with various metal finishes, our shop was able to match new duct to the existing look.

Big Barn presented a second challenge – detecting and managing carbon monoxide in the shop while maintaining proper air pressure in the showroom and ensuring that no odors crossed from the shop to the showroom. We accomplished this goal by using a simple, yet effective 80/20 MAU with integrated DX coil, carbon monoxide sensors, differential pressure sensors and simple logic controls.

Federal Child Day Care

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a new 10,500 square-foot daycare including HVAC system design and installation.

G&K Laundry Services

G&K Laundry Services

Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Design+build of new 89,000 square feet industrial laundry facility. Ventilation included 80/20 make-up air units (MAU) for ventilation and building pressurization plus evaporated cooling systems for summer, custom fabrication for 6,000 and 10,000- pound dryers, plumbing and process piping.

Jordan Creek Mall Fireplace

West Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a 750,000 BTUH fireplace in main entrance area.

Josephs Jewelers

West Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a new 34,000 square-foot high-end retail space including the design and installation a Variable Air Volume HVAC system.

Photo: Architects Smith Metzger

Katecho, Inc.

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of new 60,000 square foot office and manufacturing space including Variable Air Volume HVAC, constant volume, plumbing, piping, process and exhaust systems.

Marshalltown Courthouse

Marshalltown, Iowa

Design+build retrofit of hot deck/cold deck air-handling units to a quasi-variable air volume system.

Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center

Marshalltown, Iowa

Project involved the design+build of the intensive care unit variable air volume HVAC system, including installation.


Mercy Clinic

Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Design+build of a new 15,500 square foot outpatient medical building with out-patient exams, laboratory, MRI and CT rooms fully zone controlled for maximum patient comfort.

Mercy Emergency Department Addition

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a new 45,000 square foot emergency department addition including ambulance entrance, roof top helicopter pad, hazmat de-contamination rooms, state-of-the art emergency rooms, a three-story atrium and office space. Design included HVAC, plumbing, piping, med gas and smoke evacuation systems.

Midwest Healthcare Textile Services

Des Moines, Iowa

This design+build of a new 54,000 square foot industrial laundry facility project included an extra twist which required us to meet the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Guidelines for Hospital Construction, which includes certain ventilation rates and airflow movement between soiled and clean areas, plus summer cooling for occupants on a non-profit organization’s budget.

To satisfy these requirements, ventilation rates and pressure differential were maintained with the use of constant volume and variable volume MAUs. We also used spot cooling by converting off-the-shelf rooftop units to 100% outdoor air units. Typical construction included HVAC, plumbing, process piping and exhaust.

Plymouth Congregational Church

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of a new 45,000 square foot education/atrium space including complete HVAC, plumbing and hydronics design, and installation.

Point of Grace Church

Waukee, Iowa

Design+build of the HVAC system for a new 60,000 square foot congregation space.

Ramada Inn water park

Ramada Inn

Des Moines, Iowa

Design+build of new 63,000 square foot hotel including:

  • 20,500 square foot indoor water park
  • 12,000 square foot conference center
  • 13,200 square foot luxury suites
  • 17,300 square foot restaurant, lobby, kitchen and gaming room

Route 65 Harley-Davidson

Indianola, Iowa

We implemented HVAC, plumbing, and conditioned service area with carbon monoxide detection and evacuation in our design+build solution for this new 25,000 square-foot retail space.

Scottish Rite Masonic Center

Des Moines, Iowa

SME Mechanical provided a design+build renovation of a 33,000 square foot space that required the addition of air-conditioning. Fresh-air ventilation was delivered by conditioning outside air to neutral conditions (74 degrees at 45% relative humidity) and moving the air through the existing un-insulated warm air ductwork system. The existing duct system was impossible to modify because of its location behind historic granite walls. Constant volume units were installed to provide space-cooling occupied zones.

Systems Management & Balancing, Inc

Waukee, Iowa

This LEED Silver ™ 5,250 square foot office space offered the challenge of proving LEED points with a building of less-than-typical heating/cooling load for a variable volume system.  Our design+build solution included a custom air-handler with three-coil intertwined coil, hot water heating and integrated energy recovery ventilator. Innovation & Process (ID) credits were received for this project.

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